April 1, 2011

About the POW

What is the POW ?

It's the POWer of Prayers

Wait.... Read on,

especially for you who think praying is useless and a waste of time
Man, you don't even realize that you've been praying all along all this time
What ????!! How ? When ?
All those times you're stuck at school/work
and you say "God, I'm so tired, I so wanna go home right now"
You may think you're just complaining
but you're actually unconsciously praying "Please God, give me the strength to go on"
What's that ? You're actually just complaining to God ?
Think again. Are you ? Are you really ?
or Do you hope you somehow you're "given" extra strength to help you go through the day ?
Which one is it ?
Are you sure ?

and for you who think praying helps, but you're just lazy & are always trying to avoid praying because you're too busy and praying is boring.
You know what ?
There's no obligation to pray the whole prayer book, you know !
A simple "Dear God, Thank you God for this beautiful day", said with a sincere gratitude is sometimes a more powerful prayer than praying unwillingly for half an hour.

So, How to do the POW ?
How to use the Power of Prayers ?
How to Pray and not feel bored ?
How to actually have the will to Pray ?
It's Easy
Just Start, Do it your way
No Rules
and You'll just go from there
You'll find out what happens next

and for you who believe in the power of prayers, but who tends to forget what it felt like,
Oh and especially for those of you who's been through tough times
You know what disappointment, despair, hopelessness, fear, pain feel like
You know what it's like to not have anything else to hold on to, but to God in prayers
You remember the Non Stop Prayers
The hopes & faith you put in there

Remember when you're in your darkest hours and you feel like you're such a failure and there's no way out ?
Remember when everybody insults you and treats you like dirt ?
Remember trembling in fear and pours it all out in prayers ?
The acceptance of the insults and the heartache

Remember the feeling when your family member went into surgery ?
or when your daughter/sister is giving a difficult birth ?
Remember when your best friend got into an accident ?
Remember how you're so scared for their lives ?
Remember the feeling on not having power on anything ?
The inability to help ?
Remember the longing for miracles ?
The desperate hours in nonstop wholehearted prayers ?
Remember the wait & the worry ?

and there you realize the only thing you can do is pray
and so you Pray
and pray....and pray.... and pray some more
hoping for a miracle

then it happens,
Miracle happens.
Remember how you feel when that miracle happens ?
Remember the feeling of gratitude and joy ?
Remember !
and Remember to keep praying long after that.

What if the miracle doesn't happen yet ?
but what if you don't think that prayers help ?
what if you think your prayers aren't answered ?
it doesn't mean you're neglected
it doesn't mean you can insult God for all the "bad" things that happens to you
Truth is, you don't always get what you ask for.
What you think is best for you, might not be the "best" thing for you according to Him
Everything happens for a reason, Reasons that you might not understand, no matter how difficult it is.
Hey, How many successful people out there who's struggled in their lives, faced with pains, humiliations, failures, anger, illness, etc, but they eventually came through, stronger than ever.

So if your prayers seem "unanswered'
Just keep praying and believing.
It just means you still need to do the best that you can do
and stay hopeful and faithful that everything happens according to God's perfect plan & timing for you.
Just trust Him & Keep Praying

Miracles do happen
and they don't just happen by coincidence
They happen by divine intervention
and Prayers really do help

Be kind
How can you ask for a miracle if you don't have a pure heart ?

So that's the POW
The Power of Prayers
But it's up to you
You decide what you want :)

oh and if you want to, you may put YouNeedthePow Logo on your blog/website as a reminder for you to keep on praying and remember to link it here so others too can know about the POW :)

networkofpies at gmail dot com

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